The Lakewood Bride

The Chic Bride

You seek out adventure and the hottest new restaurants. You can’t wait to put on your perfect pair of ‘something blue’ heels and dance under the stars. You have a fabulous city guide planned for your out of town guests. You are a Chic Bride!

Venues for the chic bride:

The DIY Bride

You love planning and creating, down to the last detail. You have hand lettered the invitations and are scouting flowers for the table settings. You may even bake your own wedding cake. You love being in charge and being creative. You’re a DIY Bride!

Venues for the diy bride:

The Natural Bride

You love a good hike and don’t mind going off the grid for a few days. You have bulk ordered mason jars to hold your flower arrangements. You look forward wearing vintage on your wedding day and plan on incorporating the beauty of nature into your ceremony. You’re a Natural Bride!

Venues for the natural bride:

The Timeless Bride

You love a red lip, old movies and hunting for treasures at flea markets. You plan to pin your grandmother’s rhinestone brooch to your wedding dress. You have envisioned a day filled with old and new, marrying your family history with new beginnings. You are a Timeless Bride.

Venues for the timeless bride:

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