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Bear Creek Lake Park

Bear Creek Lake Park is a popular destination for casual summer weddings. Just east of Morrison off of C-470, Bear Creek Lake Park has five reservable shelters to host your picturesque outdoor wedding. Park amenities include seasonal swim beach, stables, camping and more.

Clements Community Center

Clements Community Center is centrally located in Lakewood, just off of Colfax and Yarrow streets. Featuring two large and infinitely transformable rooms, Clements is an affordable option for your off-season or traditional indoors wedding reception.

Lakewood Link Recreation Center

The Lakewood Link Recreation Center is located near the Belmar neighborhood. With ample parking and a no-fuss, DIY-style rental agreement, Lakewood Link is perfect for those who want their day to be focused on fun.

Urban Park Shelters

The City of Lakewood has 13 reservable park shelters, each offering a different backdrop and set of amenities for your big day. If you're interested in an outdoor wedding with endless DIY possibilities, start with a park shelter!

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