Lakewood Link Recreation Center

The Emory Room at the Lakewood Link Recreation Center

The Lakewood Link Recreation Center is located near the Belmar neighborhood. With ample parking and a no-fuss, DIY-style rental agreement, Lakewood Link is perfect for those who want their day to be focused on fun.

Pricing & Capacity

HOURS OF USE: 8 a.m.– 11 p.m., daily (includes setup and cleanup)

$115/hour* full room $200/deposit $40/hour* no deposit
$70/hour* half room $100/deposit

* For after-hours rentals, add $20/hour to given rate.




  1. Tables and chairs are included with your rental but setup and takedown are the renter's responsibility.
  2. Kitchen rental is an optional amenity for a flat rate of $50.



  1. Cancellations received two or more weeks prior to an event will forfeit a service charge of $20.
  2. No refunds will be made for cancellations received less than two weeks prior to a scheduled event.



  1. Alcohol can be served at private rentals as long as the following criteria are met:
    • Alcohol is allowed pending the approval of a permit through the Lakewood Link Recreation Center.
    • The permit will allow beer, wine and champagne to be served.
    • Cash bars are not allowed.
    • Alcohol can be served for a maximum of four (4) consecutive hours.
    • Serving of alcohol must end one (1) hour prior to the end of the rental.
  2. Alcohol permit fees are $150 for a three (3) hours for groups of 50 or larger or $75 for three (3) hours for groups smaller than 50.
    • Additional hours can be purchased for $50/hour for groups 50 or larger and $25/hour for groups smaller than 50.
    • A $500 deposit is required for rentals where alcohol will be served. This money can be refunded if no damage is identified in the building.


Venue Information

In order to keep and maintain this facility for public use, each person/group must adhere to the following use policies, as well as all other conditions set forth in the Facility Rental Agreement.


  1. Tables and chairs are provided, but set up/take down is the responsibility of the renter.
  2. Helium balloons are not allowed in the facility.
  3. Space for the storage of food or equipment prior to or after an event is not guaranteed.
  4. You are welcome to bring your own decorations, but please no tape or tacks on the wall.
  5. A permit is required for the use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages.
  6. Smoking and/or vaping is prohibited in the facility.
  7. There are 120 parking spaces and 6 accessible parking spaces. There is no reserved parking for private rentals.


  1. The Lakewood Link is staffed during its open hours. No special entry information is needed.
  2. Please check in with front desk staff upon arrival.



  1. Equipment loading/unloading can be done at curbside only.
  2. Music must stay within reasonable noise levels and not be disruptive to other persons using the Lakewood Link.
  3. Please ask the front desk for cleaning products, vacuum cleaner and trash bags needed.
  4. Clean-up must be completed within the rental timeframe.
  5. Report any noted damages immediately to front desk staff.
  6. An appropriate deduction from your damage deposit will be made if the building or grounds are left in such condition that excessive cleanup time is required.


  • Take down any lights, decorations, etc. that you’ve put up.
  • Return tables and chairs to their original locations.
  • Remove any unwanted food. Trash dumpsters are located on the east side of the building near the park.
  • Clean/vacuum/dry mop any areas used by your group, including areas inside and outside the building and bathrooms.
  • Room has been returned to the original condition in which you found it.








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