Stone House

Wedding reception on the East side of the Stone House with photo courtesy of Jaimie Johnson Photography

Lakewood’s historical Stone House echoes with memories from the earliest days of the Colorado Gold Rush. The Stone House was constructed sometime between 1859 and 1864 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The property, built from stones from Bear Creek and rough-dressed sandstone quarried from the nearby hogback, features 18 inch thick walls. Renovated in 1976, the Stone House and is available for weddings, receptions, and other group events.

Hours: daily 9 a.m.-10:30 p.m., prices. Indoor capacity: 35 | Fenced yard capacity: 100

For groups of 76 people to 100, you will be required to rent a portable toilet, have it placed in the assigned location and removed after your event.





Fri-Sun & Holidays
 Damage Deposit*


$280 / $305




$350 / $375




$420 / $445




$490 / $515



8 +

$560 / $585

$620 / $645


A four-hour minimum rental is required on weekdays. A full-day rental is required Friday through Sunday and holidays.

The Stone House is not ADA accessible.


Cancellations received two or more weeks prior to an event will forfeit a service charge of $20.
No refunds will be made for cancellations received less than two weeks prior to a scheduled event.


For groups 76 up to 100, you will be required to rent a portable toilet, have it placed in the assigned location and removed after your event.

 Alcoholic beverages (other than beer) must be approved through the City and require an alcoholic beverage permit at a cost of $100.

*The damage deposit is doubled if an alcohol permit is obtained.


Venue Information

In order to keep and maintain this facility for public use, each person/group must adhere to the following use policies, as well as all other conditions set forth in the Facility Rental Agreement.


  • You can only access the house during the hours that you have rented OR for full day rentals as well as Friday – Sunday and Holidays, after 9 a.m. for cleaning purposes.
  • It is our obligation under ADA guidelines to inform you that THE STONE HOUSE IS NOT HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE.
  • For groups 76 up to 100, you will be required to rent a portable toilet, have it placed in the assigned location and removed after your event.
  • Power inside the house is limited to a 20 amp circuit. Do not plug in coffee pots, crock pots or anything that will draw a lot of power. Outdoor electrical boxes are located on either side of the front door. They should be used as the main source for power with no restrictions. They must be locked and unlocked with the same key for the front door upon arrival and departure.  
  • Plumbing in the house is old and nothing other than toilet paper should be flushed down the toilets.
  • Available tables and chairs are limited (35 chairs, 15 tables of varying size). May bring in a rental equipment vendor of your choice for additional equipment.
  • There is a small compact kitchen with a compact refrigerator, a sink and limited counter space.
  • No cooking is allowed in the building. 
  • Alcoholic beverages (other than beer) require an Alcohol Permit.
  • No resale of food, beverages or other products will be authorized without special permission of the City of Lakewood, and copies of all appropriate City, State or County licenses must be on file with your rental agreement.
  • Stone House is a “No Smoking” facility.
  • No rice, birdseed or confetti is allowed.
  • You may bring propane grills to use on the patio. No charcoal grills are allowed.
  • Staked tents may not be used within the fenced area.
  • There is no reserved parking for private rentals. All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please pick up the key from the Community Resources Department at the City of Lakewood between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If your reservation is for Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday, you must pick up the key on Friday. You may return the key to the City offices anytime during open hours the business day following your rental.


  • The Stone House is monitored by a security system directly connected to the Lakewood Police Department. You will have to disarm/arm the system using instructions provided upon your reservation.
  • If the services of a watchman are required, the City of Lakewood will not assume the responsibility for arrangements. The renter shall assume any and all costs for such services.



  • Do not drive on the lawn to unload any equipment.
  • Music must stay within reasonable noise levels and not be disruptive to neighboring areas.
  • Report any noted damages immediately:
  • An appropriate deduction from your damage deposit will be made if the building or grounds are left in such condition that excessive cleanup time is required.



  • Take down and remove any chairs, lights, decorations, etc. that you’ve put up.
  • Return facility’s chairs and tables to their original locations.
  • Clean sink area.
  • Use only a soft broom to sweep the floors.
  • Place trash in barrels outside of the building.
  • Turn down the thermostat to 55 degrees in winter; turn off air conditioning in the summer.
  • Shut and lock all windows; leave shades up.
  • Lock doors; activate alarm system; exit and lock front door.
  • Lock outdoor electrical boxes.


Thank you for helping keep the Stone House a beautiful place for all to enjoy.



The Stone House was perfect for our wedding. There was ample space to dress and prep. The grounds are beautiful and easily utilized for a smaller wedding. Renting the space was easy and remarkably affordable. In addition, we received our deposit back in a timely manner. I am so happy we picked such a lovely place to say our vows. A beautiful place to begin a next chapter.

-- Reviewed on 1/7/2017 The McGills

The stone house is a beautifully restored home from the 1860's. Its set on the grounds of Bear Creek Greenbelt. The outside of the home has the largest cottonwood tree I've ever seen . We fell in love with grounds and were married right under that tree, which also faces the lake about 30 feet away. We hunted for so long to find the right place that was in our budget. The rental is dirt cheap compared to other places, comes with tables and chairs and we used the upstairs rooms as dressing rooms. It's rented through the community resources department for Lakewood. The rental is very straightforward with no surprises.
-- Reviewed on 7/19/2014 Natalie D

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